Unveiling the Top Picks for the Best Family Hotels in Shimla

best family hotels in shimla

Lock Your Trip: Unveiling the Top Picks for the Best Family Hotels in Shimla

Families searching for a restorative getaway will love Shimla, the charming hill station tucked away in the Himalayas. It is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday because of its beautiful scenery, comfortable temperatures, and historical charm. To get the fullest experience, families traveling with their pets must select pet friendly resorts in Shimla.  

The state capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, is a stunning hill town tucked away in the Himalayan foothills. Shimla is a well-liked tourist destination because of its breathtaking scenery, comfortable weather, and historical architecture- especially among families.

We’ll look at the best family hotels in Shimla and pet-friendly resorts in our in-depth guide, making sure that everyone has a great time.

When selecting a hotel for your family’s holiday in Shimla, there are a lot of things to take into account. Based on elements like location, facilities, and family-friendly activities, the following list of the best family hotels in Shimla is provided:

The best family hotels in Shimla:

The Cecil Oberoi:

  • The Oberoi Cecil, tucked away in the center of Shimla, provides the ideal fusion of opulence and facilities for families.
  • Rooms are large and luxurious, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
  • Facilities for children, such as a designated play area and a variety of indoor activities. 
  • To satisfy a range of palates, on-site eating choices provide a diversity of cuisines.

Wildflower Hall, A Resort at Oberoi:

  • Nestled within cedar woodlands, Wildflower Hall is an opulent haven for peace-seeking families.
  • Enough room is guaranteed for everyone in family suites with separate living spaces.
  • The best family hotels in Shimla is known for an exciting family day, try outdoor pursuits like nature hikes, bird viewing, and adventure sports.
  • Wellness amenities, such as spas and yoga classes, help people unwind and revitalize.

The Clarkes Hotel:

  • The historic, family-friendly Clarkes Hotel dates back to the colonial era and is well-known for its charm.
  • Tasteful rooms with a hint of vintage charm provide families with an unforgettable vacation.
  • Unique family packages that provide facilities for both adults and children.
  • Ideally situated to allow families to easily visit Shimla’s top attractions.

The Pet-Friendly Resorts in Shimla:

The Woodsmoke Spa and Resort:

  • Pets are welcome at Woodsmoke Resort & Spa, which is a refuge for animal lovers.
  • Pet dishes, beds, and specialized play spaces are included in rooms that allow pets.
  • Walking routes and peaceful environs provide great pet strolling experiences.
  • Pet owners may relax with spa services and leisure activities.

Spa at East Bourne Resort:

  • Pets are welcome at the East Bourne Resort & Spa, which is well-known for its expansive vistas.
  • Rooms that allow dogs and provide easy access to areas where they may run around and play.
  • On request, professional pet care services are offered in these pet friendly resorts in Shimla. 
  • A restaurant, a massage, and family-friendly indoor activities are among the many amenities.

Snow Valley Resorts:

  • For families with dogs, Snow Valley Resorts provides a fantastic experience that combines comfort and pet-friendliness.
  • Rooms that allow pets and have spaces set aside for activities for them.
  • Easy access to Mall Road and Kufri, two well-known destinations, for fun family adventures.
  • A family-friendly on-site restaurant offering a range of cuisines.

Advice for Families and Pets Traveling to Shimla:

Verify the Pet Policies:

To guarantee a hassle-free stay, carefully check the pet regulations of the selected pet friendly resorts in Shimla before making a reservation.

  • Pet Essentials to Bring:

Take along food, water bowls, toys, and any prescription drugs your dogs may require.

  • Arrange Activities for Pet Owners:

Look into and schedule pet-friendly events to make sure your animal family members and human family members have a nice time.

  • Observe local laws:

To prevent any annoyances, familiarize yourself with the local laws governing dogs, particularly those about public areas.

The following advice will help you organize a family trip to Shimla:

  • If you’re traveling during the busiest time of year, make sure to reserve your accommodation well in advance.
  • Given how rapidly the weather in Shimla may change, be prepared for all eventualities.
  • Make sure your kids have an ample supply of snacks and beverages.
  • Spend some time perusing the stores and marketplaces in the area.
  • Savor the fresh air and breathtaking views. 

Shimla is an excellent destination for family vacations. You are guaranteed an unforgettable time because of the breathtaking landscape, comfortable atmosphere, and range of family-friendly activities available.

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Additional advice for staying at family-friendly hotels in Shimla: 

  • If you’re on a tight budget, Shimla has many reasonably priced hotels.
  • In case you’re seeking a more opulent encounter, Shimla boasts many upscale hotels.
  • For a more genuine experience, think about booking a homestay.
  • Be careful to haggle when you purchase in the neighborhood markets.

Seeing Shimla with Pets and Family:

  • Mall Road:

Enjoy a stroll down Shimla’s busy main thoroughfare, Mall Road. This pedestrian-friendly area, which features cafés, stores, and street performances, is perfect for family outings. Make sure your pets are on leashes, and take in the lively atmosphere with them.

  • Jakhoo Temple:

See the Jakhoo Temple, Shimla’s highest point, with sweeping views of the surrounding hills. Families and dogs are welcome at the temple, but be ready for a quick trek. Everyone finds it worthwhile because of the cultural experience and scenic splendor.

  • Kufri World:

For a day full of family-friendly amusement park activities, visit Kufri Fun World. Savor go-karting and pony rides while admiring the breathtaking scenery. Ask about pet-friendly locations as they may exist.

Botanical Gardens and Viceregal Lodge:

Discover the Viceregal Lodge, a stunning example of architecture set within verdant Botanical Gardens. Large lawns are ideal for a picnic with the family, and many of the gardens welcome pets on leashes. It’s a great place to unwind and take in Shimla’s ancient beauty.

Last verdict: 

Families looking for an unforgettable holiday will find Shimla to be the ideal place because of its magnificent mountains and warm environment. All members of the family, even the furry ones, may have their requirements met by the variety of amenities offered by the best family hotels in Shimla and pet-friendly resorts included in this post. You can make sure that the whole family has a fun and stress-free holiday in the charming hill town of Shimla by selecting the appropriate lodging and heeding the advice given.

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