Shimla and Kufri with Weekend Tour Packages from Delhi

Explore the Enchanting Shimla and Kufri with Weekend Tour Packages from Delhi

The charming towns of Shimla and Kufri in Himachal Pradesh are the ideal getaway from the bustle of Delhi. These locations provide a fascinating fusion of adventure, historic charm, and scenic beauty. are a great option if you’re searching for a quick escape from the capital city. We’ll take you on a virtual tour to explore the beauty, activities, and attractions that Sh Shimla Kufri tour packages from delhi and Kufri have to offer in this word article. So gather your belongings and let’s discover the beauties of Kufri and Shimla.

Shimla and Kufri: An Overview

Himachal Pradesh’s capital city of Shimla is frequently referred to as the “Queen of Hill Stations.” This little city, tucked away in the Shivalik range, is known for its colonial-era buildings, verdant hills, and year-round nice weather. Situated just 13 kilometres from Shimla, Kufri is a small hill station famous for its snow-capped scenery, adventurous activities, and the Himalayan Wildlife Zoo.

How to Reach Shimla from Delhi

Delhi to Shimla is a well-connected route, and there are various options for travelers. You can choose to travel by air, train, or road. The most convenient way to reach Shimla is by air, with regular flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Chandigarh Airport, followed by a scenic drive to Shimla. Alternatively, you can take a train from Delhi to Kalka and then continue your journey to Shimla by the famous Kalka-Shimla toy train, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The road journey is also an option, with well-maintained highways connecting Delhi to Shimla.

Ideal Time to Travel to Kufri and Shimla

Shimla and Kufri are year-round travel destinations, with distinct charms to be found in every season. But summer (March to June) and winter (December to February) are the finest times to go. The harsh heat of Delhi is relieved in the summer, and winter brings the chance to see snowfall and engage in winter activities in Kufri.

Weekend Tour Packages to Shimla from Delhi

Weekend trip packages are available from Delhi to Shimla and Kufri and are intended to make your quick getaway memorable and hassle-free. Usually, these packages consist of lodging, meals, transportation, and a guided tour of the area’s top sights. To accommodate a range of spending limits and tastes, numerous travel firms provide an endless number of choices, simplifying the process of organising your vacation.

Day 1: Exploring Shimla:

Your weekend journey starts as soon as you get at Shimla. Explore the Mall Road, a well-known retail district full of eateries, boutiques, and colonial-style buildings, to start your trip. Enjoy some shopping and a relaxing stroll. The Ridge is a sizable open area that’s ideal for photography and provides expansive views of the hills around it.

Visit the Viceregal Lodge, sometimes referred to as the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, in the afternoon. This old building, which contains a museum with a variety of artefacts on show, is a classic example of British colonial architecture. Proceed to the Jakhoo Temple, honouring Lord Hanuman, located on Shimla’s highest peak. A stunning view of the city may be experienced from the temple.

Day 2: Kufri Excursion

Take an adventurous day trip to Kufri on the second day. Kufri, a popular adventure destination and natural beauty spot, is only a short drive from Shimla. Visit the Himalayan Wildlife Zoo first thing in the morning to see the Red Panda and Snow Leopard, among other Himalayan species.

Visit Kufri Fun World, an entertainment park featuring a range of rides and attractions, after touring the zoo. Try your hand at zip-lining, go-karting, and other activities. The chance to take horse and yak rides while admiring the amazing views of the snow-capped mountains is the main attraction in Kufri.

Return to Shimla in the evening and use your free time to unwind or further explore the local markets. You can either enjoy the hill station’s peaceful beauty or purchase mementoes.

1. Day 3: Check-out

You can check out of your accommodation and eat breakfast on the last day of your Shimla-Kufri tour. Then may fit in some last-minute shopping or see any sights you missed during your trip, depending on when you depart. After that you will have a nice ride home thanks to the transportation included in your weekend tour package back to Delhi.

2. Shimla Accommodation Options

Shimla provides a large selection of lodging choices to accommodate different spending limits and tastes. There is lodging for every type of traveller, from cosy guesthouses and affordable lodges to opulent hotels and boutique resorts. The Oberoi Cecil, the Radisson Hotel Shimla, and the Hotel Willow Banks are a few well-liked choices. You can pick from establishments like Hotel Baljees, Hotel Rajat, and many more for a more affordable stay.

3.Must-See Locations in Shimla

There are several tourist attractions in Shimla to suit every interest. Among the locations that are a must-see are:

  1. The Ridge: A popular area for photography, The Ridge offers a broad perspective of the Himalayan range.
  2. Mall Road: A busy roadway lined with eateries, retail establishments, and buildings dating back to the colonial era that is ideal for strolls and shopping.
  3. Viceregal Lodge, sometimes called the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, is a historically significant building that displays architecture from the colonial era.
  4. Jakhoo shrine: Situated atop Shimla’s highest point, this stunning shrine honours Lord Hanuman.
  5. The Kali Bari Temple: This well-known shrine honours the goddess Kali.
  6. Christ Church: Distinguished by its Neo-Gothic architecture, Christ Church is the second-oldest church in North India.
  7. Annandale: A charming meadow perfect for picnics and gaming.

Activities for Adventure in Kufri

Adventure seekers will find nirvana at Kufri. The following are a few exhilarating things you can do:

  1. Skiing: Kufri has great skiing, especially in the winter.
  2. Riding Yaks and Horses: Take a horse or yak ride through Kufri’s scenic countryside.
  3. Tobogganing: Take in the surge of excitement as you slide down hills covered in snow on a snowball.
  4. Go-karting and ziplining: Kufri Fun World has thrilling activities for go-karting and ziplining.
  5. Trekking: Nature lovers can explore the area’s many trekking paths.

Regional cuisine

While travelling, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious Himachali cuisine. Among the foods you should try are:

  1. Dham: Chana Madra, Dahi Bada, and other traditional Himachali delicacies are served at this traditional dinner, which is cooked during festivals.
  2. Chana Bhature: A well-liked North Indian meal, it’s a tasty fusion of fried bread with a fiery chickpea curry.
  3. Babru: A traditional Himachali meal, served with bread or rice, made from black Gramme.
  4. Choley: A delicious, spicy chickpea curry that goes well with naan or rice.
  5. Daliya: a wholesome meal prepared with broken wheat that’s frequently offered for breakfast.

Shopping During Shimla Kufri Tour Packages from Delhi

With so much to buy and a plethora of goods to choose from, Shimla is a shoppers’ paradise. Several well-liked shopping goods are:

  1. Woollen Clothes: Shawls, sweaters, and scarves handcrafted in Shimla are well-known.
  2. Wooden Crafts: Hand-carved wooden toys, jewellery, and home accents are wonderful presents.
  3. Himachali Caps and Hats: Traditional Himachali headgear makes a stylish and distinctive keepsake.
  4. Tibetan and Himalayan Artefacts: Look for thangka paintings, jewellery, and other items from the local marketplaces.
  5. Regional Spices and Pickles: The flavours of Himachali spices and pickles are renowned for being genuine.

In conclusion, In conclusion, anyone wishing to escape the chaos of the city and take in the tranquil beauty of the Himalayas can plan a weekend trip to Shimla and Kufri from Delhi. This vacation offers an exciting combination of culture, nature, and adventure, with plenty of attractions, adventure activities, and mouthwatering local cuisine. Arrange your Kufri and Shimla weekend trip and immerse yourself in the alluring splendour of the Queen of Hill Stations and its adjacent hill station, Kufri. Make lifelong memories by embracing the peace, adventure, and charm of these locations.

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