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kufri tour packages for family

Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Kufri with Exclusive Tour Packages for Families from Delhi

A haven for both nature lovers and thrill seekers, Kufri is a charming hill station tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas. Kufri is the ideal location for an unforgettable family holiday because of its tranquil scenery, snow-capped peaks, and abundance of outdoor activities. We will delve into the magical realm of Kufri in this extensive guide and look at carefully selected family-friendly trip packages, with an emphasis on those coming from Delhi.

Nature lovers and adventure seekers alike will find heaven in Kufri, a charming hill station tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas. Kufri is a great place for a fun-filled family holiday because of its peaceful scenery, snow-capped peaks, and abundance of outdoor activities. With an emphasis on kufri tour packages from Delhi, we will dig into the magical realm of Kufri in this extensive guide and examine carefully selected tour packages.

For individuals who enjoy discovering the undiscovered splendour of the natural world, Kufri tour packages are ideal. Skier’s Paradise is another name for this stunning Himachal Pradesh alpine station. The name Kufri originates from the Kufer, or lake, which is the primary tourist destination in the area. Due to its close proximity to Shimla—just 19 km—Kufri is a popular destination for visitors visiting Shimla. To appreciate the gorgeous blue lake encircled by mountains, IHPL provides tours to Kufri.

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In addition to serving hot tea and coffee, the restaurants in the area offer fresh and hot appetisers. With the help of our Kufri vacation packages, you may experience a secret paradise full of enjoyable activities.

For instance, you can enjoy skiing and playing with the wonderful snow. One of the greatest locations in Himachal Pradesh for skiing is Kufri. For this reason, a lot of tourists reserve Kufri tour packages from Delhi in the winter. Kufri is also known for its diverse tree species, which provide refuge to a variety of wildlife including bears, Tibetan wolves, and a wide variety of vibrant birds.

Experience the amazing splendour of Kufri and its magnificent mountains. We provide a selection of adaptable Kufri tour packages that cover lodging, sightseeing, travel, and food. 

How to Reach Kufri:

In response, Kufri has excellent transportation options, including air, land, and rail. Here are all the directions needed to get to Kufri for those who intend to visit.

By Air: Shima Airport, located 20 km from Kufri, is the closest airport. Delhi and other significant Indian cities have flight connections to the Shimla airport.

By Train: Kalka Railway Station, which is located 100 kilometres from Kufri, is the closest train station. Additionally, you can drive to Kufri from Shimla after taking the Toy train from Kalkat to Shimla. Major Indian cities have train links to Kalka.

By Road: Major towns in Himachal Pradesh and northern India have excellent road connections with Kufri.

Top attractions in Kufri

  • Himalayan Nature Park: A hotspot for biodiversity that displays the local flora and wildlife.
  • Kufri Fun World is a family-friendly amusement park featuring a range of rides and activities.
  • Mahasu Peak is Kufri’s highest point and provides stunning views of the Himalayas.
  • Adventure Sports: Wintertime activities such as horseback riding and skiing.

Kufri tour packages for family

A comfortable hotel or resort that offers a cosy and enjoyable stay is usually included in kufri tour packages for family. Transportation services for touring and investigating neighbouring sites are also included in these packages.

A trip to Kufri Fun World, an amusement park with a variety of thrilling rides and activities for both kids and adults, is another highlight of the family-friendly Kufri tour packages. Here, families may enjoy exhilarating rides and games while having a great time.

Family trip packages to Kufri include possibilities for relaxation and leisure activities in addition to sightseeing. Families can go nature hikes, have picnics overlooking the breathtaking scenery, or just unwind and take in the peace and quiet.

Ideal Time to Bring the Family to Kufri

While there is pleasant weather all year round in Kufri, April through June and December through February are the best times to visit. In Kufri, summertime temperatures are still good enough for strolls, picnics, and sightseeing.

Activities for the Family in Kufri

There are lots of family-friendly things to do in Kufri, which is great news if you’re thinking about taking your family there for a vacation. Make the most of your trip and make treasured memories with these family-friendly Kufri tour packages.

Some of the events you can anticipate are as follows:

  1. Skiing: For those who enjoy skiing, Kufri is a popular resort. With your family, you may enjoy this exhilarating winter sport on the slopes. In Kufri, there are ski areas that provide equipment rentals and instruction for both novice and expert skiers.
  2. Tobogganing: A fun pastime suitable for the whole family is tobogganing. Experience the excitement of this age-old winter activity as you glide down the icy slopes on a wooden sled.
  3. Adventure Park: Additionally, Kufri features an adventure park with a variety of activities like rock climbing, rope courses, and zip-lining. This is an exciting and fun way to spend quality time with your family while taking on some heart-pounding adventures.
  4. Nature Walks: Kufri is encircled by gorgeous scenery and verdant trees. Enjoy some family time and the peace and quiet of nature by going for a leisurely stroll. Along the route, a wide range of plants and animals can be seen. 
  5. Riding a Horse: Kufri is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, and there’s no better way to see it than from the saddle. Take in the spectacular vistas of the valleys and mountains while enjoying a leisurely horse ride with your family.
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Conclusion: Make Kufri a Memorable Family Trip!

Using Kufri tour packages for families will make it easier to arrange an amazing family vacation to Kufri. With its gorgeous hills, mountain treks, and the stunning Solang Valley—the ideal location for camping and nature exploration—Kufri packages provide some incredible possibilities for those who enjoy the outdoors. Convenience, financial savings, and a meticulously planned schedule guarantee a hassle-free trip with these packages. With the help of these packages, you can experience Kufri’s natural beauty, exhilarating activities, and rich cultural experiences.  Plan now to make priceless moments with your loved ones in the future.