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Adventure Activities in Kerala

So, are you excited about your next adventurous trip to Kerala? Today, we are going to introduce the most amazing Adventure Activities in Kerala you can enjoy with your friends or dear ones. 

Kerala is truly an enchanting country that mesmerizes its visitors due to its scenic beauty, serene waterfalls, sandy beaches, amazing hill stations, etc. If you or anyone you know is an adventure thriller, then this blog post is surely for you. 

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Parasailing is one of the many different types of water activities available in Kerala. One of Kerala’s most well-known adventure sports is water sports, which are popular at beach and seaside resorts. At this point, the sailor is fastened to a specific parachute that is fastened to a motorboat. While the person flying manages the sideways, the speed boat is in charge of maintaining velocity and height. You can see the immaculate water below as well as the bright skies above when you parasail in Kerala, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Best time- October to March


Cycling is one of the best adventure activities in Munnar for taking in the breathtaking scenery. The Nilgiris is well-known for its spice crops, while Munnar is well-known for its coffee plantations. You may also smell the two distinct locations while pedaling. Enjoy this activity while the weather peaks in the lovely month of winter. Take in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings and lose yourself in the tranquillity of the location. You may also bike through the stunning rice fields, woodlands, tea plantations, and dairy farms in addition to these locations. Everyone has a memorable experience that brings them closer to nature.

Best time- November to March


In Kerala, paragliding is an extremely well-liked activity with many opportunities. In reality, adventurous travel has become more common in the nation of God because of this sport. Kerala has a few places where paragliding is worthwhile to attempt. After the southwest monsoon, the sport is best played in predictable and safe wind conditions. Prepare to treasure the vantage point of the luxuriant foliage that this sport provides from above. Be sure you have the appropriate gear and safety precautions before attempting several sports.

Perfect time- September to January


Another well-liked adventurous activity in Kerala is trekking, which is the finest done while strolling along the Tiger Trail in Thekkady. In addition to lush woodlands, trekkers may find knowledgeable, qualified guides who assist them in spotting wildlife on their walking trip. You’ll be dressed in incredibly motivating but cozy camouflage clothing. In addition to taking in the ambiance, you may camp out in the forest, cook there, and, with any chance, see tigers. Keralan trekking offers you the ideal flavor of the area’s woods and jungles.

Idea time- September to March


In order to gain any intimate knowledge of the culture, kayaking is a must. There are many different types of kayaking options for guests to take advantage of. The unmatched beauty seen in the backwaters is beauty in its purest form. On a kayak journey, you may completely enjoy the lush greenery that you can see. Kayaks and other equipment are provided, and visitors may observe fishing, farming, temples, raising ducks, and other local activities. For couples looking for an exhilarating water adventure sport, kayaking is very popular in Kerala. Experience an exhilarating but tranquil sensation by engaging in this activity during your upcoming vacation to Kerala. Moreover, explore some adventure places in Kerala and have a great experience. 

Most ideal time: September to March

Rock climbing

In addition to being well-known for its mist-covered hills and tea plantations, Munnar provides exhilarating possibilities for rock climbing and rappelling. Adventure seekers may test their mettle on the rugged terrain while taking in expansive vistas of the surrounding countryside. Rock climbing in Kerala is truly a wonderful experience. 

Right time: November to April 

Wildlife safari

Kerala is a place that has much to offer everyone, and a wildlife safari is the perfect choice if you enjoy animals and a little adventure. Kerala is rich in plants and animals in addition to spices. It will raise your awareness of the need to preserve nature’s beauty by bringing you a profound sensation of calm. Numerous adventure destinations provide guests with both day and nighttime safari experiences. This trip offers travelers of all ages the highest level of thrill and delight, making it genuinely unique in its own right. Spend time engaging in this amazing and thrilling adventure sport to create a wealth of memories.

Best time: June to October

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs):  

  • Why is Kerala a good place to go on adventure activities?

The varied terrain of Kerala, which includes mountains, backwaters, and lush vegetation, makes it an ideal location for a wide range of adventure sports. The region provides a singular blend of adventure and scenic beauty, with activities ranging from trekking in the Western Ghats to water-based experiences in the backwaters.

  • Which time of year in Kerala is ideal for adventurous activities?

From September to March, the post-monsoon and winter seasons are the best times to engage in adventure activities in Kerala. The scenery is rich and colorful, and the weather is agreeable.

  • Are there any treehouses in Kerala?

Indeed, Kerala offers tree homes for sale. Treehouses may be found all across Kerala, including at Kovalam, Kochi, Coonoor, Alappuzha, and other places.

  • Which locations in Kerala are the finest for adventure sports?

Different adventure sports are conducted in different parts of Kerala; nonetheless, a few of the most well-known sites include Wildlife Sanctuary, Kochi, Kovalam, Alaphuzza, Thekkady, and so forth.

  • Are children’s adventure sports safe?

No, not all adventure activities, like scuba diving or paragliding, are appropriate for children. On the other hand, kid-friendly attractions like wildlife safaris and tree house stays are safe.

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