How Many Wildlife Sanctuary In Kerala

A tour of a magnificent wildlife sanctuary in Kerala

Kerala, the “God’s Own Country,” is not just renowned for its stunning backwaters, emerald hill stations, and palm-fringed beaches. It is also a haven for diverse wildlife, with lush green rainforests, serene wetlands, and majestic mountain ranges providing shelter to a plethora of creatures. Kerala boasts 18 wildlife sanctuaries, each with its unique ecological charm…

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Land of Backwaters: Discovering the Charms of Kerala

Kerala is a state within the Indian Republic. It is located in the nation’s southwest. The state’s west coast faces the Arabian Sea. To the east lie Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Despite Kochi’s higher population density, Thiruvananthapuram serves as the state capital. Kerala spans 15,005 square miles (38,863 square kilometres), making it larger than Bhutan…

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