A Pocket Guide to Munnar Trip: A Charming Town of Kerala

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Munnar is one of the most beautiful and charming hill stations in the country, heaven in God’s Own Country. It is a jewel in the majestic Western Ghats which is a veritable treasure trove for travelers. Munnar, surrounded by the grandeur of rolling hills, evergreen tea plantations, fragrant spice gardens, meandering pathways, and more, is one such place that will fulfill all of your wishes and make your vacation one remember. It is an ideal excursion for all, whether it is a family trip, a friend’s outing, hiking, or any other trail. This hill region in Kerala’s Idukki district is a must-visit holiday destination for all, with mesmerizing hills and mountains, gurgling rivers and cascading waterfalls, verdant plantations, and wildlife-protected areas. Book the Munnar Tour packages from Chennai offered by Lock Your Trip to have the most wonderful and an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

You can undoubtedly unwind and revitalize here. The location is great for a family holiday, a solo trip, a honeymoon getaway, or even a group trip. Munnar includes gushing waterfalls, bubbling rivers, and wildlife-protected areas in addition to the captivating hills. The hill station is found in Kerala’s Idukki district. If you want to spend a calm and serene vacation in the middle of nature, you should book a trip to Munnar. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to Munnar.

Best Time To Book Munnar Tour packages from Chennai

Summer Season (March to May)

Summers in Munnar are distinguished by nice weather, moderate temperatures, and a decline in the temperature! In comparison to other seasons, the atmosphere remains serene, soothing, and clear. If you are visiting during this time of year, don’t forget to take sightseeing excursions, nature walks, plantation tours, and other such trips.

Monsoon Season (June to September)

As summer draws to a close, the Munnar monsoon begins to make its presence felt. With its arrival, Munnar is bathed in a newer, more appealing hue of lush greenery of nature. The atmosphere becomes quieter than previously and is enhanced by thick greenery. Along with the crispiness of a hill station, you will be able to take up the atmosphere of Mother Nature as she re-paints the entire environment.

Winter Season (December to February)

After the monsoons have passed, the winter season arrives, which is also the finest season to visit Munnar! The hill station is a perfect site to arrange honeymoons, family visits, and other types of vacations during this season because of the pleasant weather and the gentleness of the chilly breezes. Winter is a call to adventure for those who enjoy amazing activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, and many more.

Famous Tourist Attractions in Munnar

Munnar offers a diverse range of tourist attractions. Once you arrive in Munnar, the traveler in you will undoubtedly experience an adrenaline rush. It caters to a wide range of travelers.

Lake Kundala

The lake is situated at an elevation of 1700 feet above sea level. Despite the fact that it is an artificial lake, it is still worth a visit. It is an ideal location for honeymooners. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to spend some quality time with your better half there.

Mattupetty Dam

The view from this dam is breathtaking. Here you may see some of the abundant vegetation and fauna. It is 13 kilometers from the city’s center. It is, in fact, the region’s source of hydroelectricity. You might be able to see some Asiatic elephants there if you’re lucky.


Marayoor is noted for multiple dolmens from the famous Stone Age and a blossoming sandalwood grove that makes a tour around even more pleasant. The gentle murmur of the Parambara River running nearby adds to the relaxing atmosphere, and a hike through the lush bamboo forests and sugarcane fields allows you to take some of the best photos in the area. Furthermore, this location is about 40 kilometers from Munnar.

Echo Point

If you want to see all of Munnar’s beautiful sights, you should definitely stop at the Echo Point. In Munnar, it is known as a mysterious location. It is about 15 kilometers from the center of the hill station. You can appreciate the scenery as well as the natural echo production. For children, the location is truly fascinating.

Mattupetty Dairy Farm

The Indo-Swiss dairy farm in Mattupetty is a well-known tourist hub in Munnar. You can take a tour of this farm if you are interested in learning more about cattle and dairy products. Apart from that, the property offers spectacular views of Munnar hill station.

Eravikulam National Park

Get up close and personal with unique fauna in Munnar. Observe some of the rarest and most endangered wildlife species in this amazing park.

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Tea Museum

If you are interested in learning more about Munnar’s tea culture, you can learn about how tea leaves are picked, processed, and packed at the Tata Tea Museum in Munnar.

Attukad Waterfalls

You will undoubtedly be captivated by captivating beauty and enticing appeal throughout your visit to Attukad Waterfalls. It is one of the most attractive tourist hubs in Munnar.

Blossom International Park

Flowers make people smile, make them happy, and make them prosperous! Blossom International Park in Munnar will transport you to the land of flowers. A guide to Munnar trip will suggest you pay a visit to this place is a must.

How To Reach Munnar

Munnar is one of the most accessible tourist locations in Kerala, with connections to some of the major cities and tourist spots of the state. Whether you go by plane, train, or car, you will have no trouble reaching this beautiful hill station in Kerala.

By Road:

Traveling by bus is the best way to explore and discover the magnificent beauty of this lovely hilly getaway! A bus excursion will get you closer to the stunning splendor of this tourist destination in Kerala, taking you through meandering terrains, rolling hills, and lush plantation areas. Direct buses to Munnar are available from practically all major cities in South India for the passengers.

By Train:

Although Munnar does not have direct access to railway stations, you can take a train to Aluva Railway station, which is about 110 kilometers away from Munnar. Ernakulum is 130 kilometers away, or Madurai, which is about 135 kilometers away. You can take a direct bus from any of these stations to reach your favorite hill station in God’s Own Country, Kerala.

By Air:

Like any other tourist destination in Kerala, Munnar is easily accessible from Kochi International Airport, which is around 110 kilometers from the hill station. The closest airport to Munnar is Madurai International Airport in Tamil Nadu, which is 140 kilometers away.

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An ideal guide to the Munnar trip will allow you to explore the magnificent charm of the stunning location in Kerala. Book Munnar Tour packages from Chennai and get the chance to witness the charm of this location in the most convenient way.